And why you'll be doing the same by the end of this article.

There is something Pavlovian when you hear the comic book page turn of the title sequence for the Marvel movies. It sinks you deeper into your seat, the hairs on your arm stand up (Spidey sense of course), the months if not years of anticipation has built to this moment of fulfillment—or major disappointment, cough, X-Men 3. ‌‌‌‌The score, designed specifically for that film and character, follows and now we're off. We've been fully transported from an overcrowded, sticky floored theater into the MCU, a place we have spent a lot of our collective time. It's a place that excites and inspires us. A place we run to when regular life needs to become super.

A very simple way to carry that excitement into your life is to keep that soundtrack on play. When I'm listening to these scores and soundtracks—on some subconscious level—I feel I have to live up to what those characters have experienced.

As if I already wasn't a nerd, I use different sound tracks for specific workouts.

The Avengers and Captain America scores are my running music.

The Naruto score is for martial arts. It's very easy to get down on yourself during practice, but that flute riff gets me back up every time. ‌‌

Then for strength training I use a bunch of anime theme songs and movie and tv sound tracks. My newest edition is the Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse sound track; there's a lot of great hype music on there. Who knew Lil Wayne's comeback for me would be on a Spiderman track.

And sometimes I'll just throw them all on shuffle while I'm commuting on the subway into the actual center of the MCU: NYC. I can imagine a world where I got bit by the radioactive spider—makes for a more interesting commute (#fanfiction). Anyways, it helps get me off my ass and into action, and it keeps me inspired to keep training for longer. It's part of my secret serum and one of many motivation tools I use (and need, because I'm a lazy P.O.S). Try it out, throw some video game scores in the mix too, you'll be surprised at how hyped it gets you.