By the end of this article you should be on your feet.


  1. Introspection
  2. Decision and Goal
  3. Gather Information
  5. Community
  6. Fine Tune


You are reading this for a reason, what is it? What are you looking to change? Write it down.

If you don’t know what you want to change but know you need to change, find a place to think and breath. A walk in the park, a long drive, or a float in a sensory deprivation tank in order to psychically connect with a 4th dimensional monster. Find a place to go inward.

Decision and Goal

Make the decision, say it out load, scream it if you have to, this is your mantra, this is your battle cry.

Don't just want to do something, make the actual decision to change. Wanting is not enough. Write down a specific attainable goal. Lose 10 pounds. Get a grip on your anxiety. Overthrow the galactic empire.

Gather Information

Be the ninja or James Bond or Sherlock Holmes and go collect information. If you want to lose 10lbs then read a few books about healthy eating, follow podcasts and instagrams that inspire you. Talk about what you learned, share the information, and repeat this process until it becomes a part of you. If your friends and family aren't annoyed at how much you talk about your new passion, you're not talking about it enough. This sounds simple but really try and immerse yourself completely, do it slowly, and take your time so you don’t burn yourself out. This phase should bleed into the training phase.


Now that you know enough to begin, start your training montage

His fault for telegraphing a back fist like that, he deserves to get kicked in the face for that.

Consistency and achievability is key. Set a goal for yourself that is accomplishable everyday. Figure out how you learn. A simple scientifically proven way to stay focused is using the Pomodoro Technique. There are a bunch of free apps you can download to help you stay focused, these are great if you are trying to study, or write, or train martial arts. Calendars are another great tool to use. On the first of the month you can set up your training for the entire month with a new goal posted for every month. This sounds simple but discipline takes time to strengthen like anything else. Take your time, give yourself credit when credit is due and allow yourself to experience joy when you make your goal.


The best part of learning a new skill is that there is always a group of people trying to do the same thing as you. (I find this comforting.)

That commonality can help create friendships, social groups, and lead to new information exchanges which can in turn change your life. Being part of a community that is also striving for a similar goal will help push you even further. Making friends with similar goals is such a wonderful thing, because you'll never run out of stuff to talk about!

Fine Tune

Depending on what your goal is the training phase can take weeks to years to a life time. Martial arts and fitness (two very important super hero features) are lifetime skills.

Now before you get cocky and full of pride, let's get introspective again and ask ourselves “Have I accomplished my goal? Has it changed? And how can I fine tune my training? This is a moment we see in every super hero journey.

The steps to change are easy, walking them can be a challenge. So... it's the end of this article... are you on your feet? GET UP and get off your ass you damn nerd!