No sweeter smell exists than the smell of your sweat. U might not think so now, so let me convince U.

When U first start sweating U might find that smell, frankly, disgusting. If U haven't sweat in a long time your body has to begin by sweating out all the toxins U've accumulated. With time your sweat starts to smell better and better as it clarifies and cleanses your body.

The way your sweat smells and that way U react to it reflect something deep in your own psychology. U might have observed, as I have, that sweat smells differently depending on the activity generating the sweat and on one's state of mind.

For instance I've found that my sweat smells different when I go rock climbing than when I practice Brazilian Jiujutsu. While rock climbing my sweat smells different when I climb problems within my comfort zone compared to when I climb a problem that I feel scared of.

The smell of fear sweat has a fairly distinctive odor and I can get a huge load of that smell when I pair myself up with an especially challenging opponent in BJJ. When I feel like I might lose my grip and forget for a moment that I won't die from falling, or when I feel like my opponent will slowly crush me to death I get that fear sweat.

Why did I just focus on fear sweat so much? I find it fascinating. If even light exertion makes U reek then U might want to ask yourself what U feel so afraid of.

Do U feel afraid of making an effort itself? U might feel so comfortable never sweating that just the idea of sweating gets U afraid, and U'll automatically get fear sweat when U do sweat.

Don't worry though! With time the fear will disappear. In fact, these days I have to chase the fear sweat. If I don't get that fearful smell (and yeah, I actually consider it a fairly gross smell) for too long then I know that I haven't pushed myself recently. I want to ride the edge of my limitations and my sweat helps me know where that edge lies.

Eventually your sweat won't just not smell bad, it will smell appealing. I'll go out on a limb here and put myself on the line. I haven't worn deodorant in over seven years. Sure, it helps a lot that I wear merino shirts because much of body odor gets produced by bacteria living on clothing and eating.

I find the odor that remains after cutting out all that bacterial odor (many thanks to the anti-microbial properties of merino—also consider hemp) smells rather pleasant. I prefer my odor le corpse to the vast majority of colognes, perfumes, and the like (with the caveat that I enjoy some women's perfumes a great deal, but I personally don't think I could pull off those scents).

Do U fear that someone might not like your natural smell? Not to fear, they might not make a good partner for U then. U want to keep people around U that like the smell of your sweat, because they won't mind pushing U to excel. Plus basically all of the most fun activities I think of people doing together (U know what I mean) involve sweating, so if U don't dig each other's smells then U have a fundamental incompatibility. I understand that to mean chemistry, when people refer to it in that context.

If U don't like your sweat now, get to work and get sweaty. U'll love yourself for it.